Case Studies

A mid-sized global pharmaceutical organization entered a co-commercialization agreement with a top-10 pharmaceutical organization to launch its first product in oncology.
Support programs have the power to drive patients to start, stay and succeed on therapy. These programs and the best practices that drive patient experience and access are critical to success.
A global pharmaceutical company worked with us to plan their European Union (EU) access strategy for a novel oncolytic drug based on a new formulation. Read the case study.
Our client, a mid-sized biopharmaceutical company, aimed to introduce a new asset into the highly competitive Parkinson's disease category. Read the case study.
Our biotech client was facing the challenge of introducing a new competitor into the market while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of their disease state. To navigate this complex scenario, they needed a strategic document that would serve as the foundation for both internal and external communications.
Our client, a leading biopharmaceutical company, sought to embark on a clinical development program within a new therapeutic area in the rare disease space. Read the case study.
Leading biotech engaged Herspiegel for critical oncology drug launch in a competitive market, showcasing a dedicated, innovative approach.
Dual-launch success in two areas! Herspiegel expertly guides Phase 3 asset to market. Discover our strategy's impact.
Explore Herspiegel's approach to Oncology Patient Journey Mapping for new cancer therapy launches. Learn about our innovative strategies.
Join our journey in guiding an oncology start-up towards successful first product launch with expert strategies. Discover our impact.
Learn how Herspiegel's redesigned patient HUB enhances treatment access for complex conditions. Dive into our case study now.
Maximize your biopharma product's commercial success! Discover how Herspiegel's refined development process can drive market results. Learn more now
Explore how Herspiegel's expertise led a groundbreaking connected device launch in healthcare. Dive into our digital and business insights.
Discover how Herspiegel's guidance powered a biopharma start-up's first Neurology asset launch, crafting their commercial triumph. Learn more.