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Zo Ratansi

General Manager, SixSense Strategy Group, Medical Affairs Practice Lead

Development of a Scientific Platform for Biotech Client


Our biotech client was facing the challenge of introducing a new competitor into the market while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of their disease state. To navigate this complex scenario, they needed a strategic document that would serve as the foundation for both internal and external communications.


In response to the client’s challenges, our team developed a comprehensive scientific platform. This platform was designed to provide the client with a strategic document comprising substantiated scientific statements related to their asset or indication. The key steps in our solution included:

1. Scientific Literature and Data Review:

  • Conducted an extensive review of scientific literature and data to gain a thorough understanding of the information available in the therapeutic space relevant to the client’s asset.

2. Stakeholder Collaboration:

  • Worked closely with internal stakeholders to gather their perspectives and input. This collaboration extended to shaping the narrative, messaging, and key content/data of the platform.

3. Engagement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):

  • Collaborated with external Key Opinion Leaders to validate the strategic narrative of the scientific platform. This ensured that the platform was grounded in expert insights.

4. Platform Drafting and Revision:

  • Developed a draft scientific platform, which was then reviewed and revised based on stakeholder feedback, including compliance considerations. This iterative process ensured the platform’s accuracy and alignment with the client’s objectives.

5. Continuous Updates:

  • Implemented a system for rolling out updates to the scientific platform as needed. This included incorporating new data and insights, as well as adjustments to address changes in the competitive landscape.
Herspiegel Case Study scientific platform

Value Delivered:

The development of the scientific platform delivered several significant benefits to the client:

1. Informed Decision-Making:

  • The scientific platform served as a dynamic and authoritative resource that informed medical information, publication, and promotional material development. This ensured that the client’s communications were rooted in scientific rigor.

2. Cross-Functional Alignment:

  • The platform facilitated cross-functional alignment within the organization. It provided a common reference point for different teams, helping them prioritize areas of focus for medical education, marketing, and research.

3. Consistent Messaging:

  • The platform allowed the client to maintain clear, integrated, and consistent messaging in all subsequent communications, both internally and externally. This consistency was crucial in conveying a unified and confident image to their stakeholders and the wider market.

In summary, the development of a scientific platform was a strategic solution that empowered our biotech client to navigate the challenges posed by a new market competitor and evolving disease state data. By providing a robust foundation for their communications and fostering alignment within the organization, the client was better equipped to respond to the changing landscape of their industry.


Meet the Authors

Zo Ratansi

General Manager, SixSense Strategy Group, Medical Affairs Practice Lead

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