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Jay Jackson

Partner, Market Access Practice Lead

Payer Value Proposition Development in a Crowded Disease Space

In the pharmaceutical industry, creating a compelling value proposition (VP) is essential to gaining market traction, especially in competitive and crowded disease categories.

Client Background:

Our client, a mid-sized biopharmaceutical company, aimed to introduce a new asset into the highly competitive Parkinson’s disease category. The market was saturated with multiple products, and payer and LTC decision-makers were operating within tight budgets. This challenging landscape necessitated the development of a compelling value proposition to differentiate the brand and secure market access.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge lay in creating a value story that would resonate with payers and healthcare administrators in the Parkinson’s disease space. This required addressing several key factors:

  1. Projected Epidemiology: Understanding the projected prevalence and incidence rates of Parkinson’s disease to tailor the value proposition to the market’s needs.

  2. Strengths and Benefits: Identifying the unique strengths and benefits of the new asset compared to existing options.

  3. Potential Threats: Evaluating potential market threats and obstacles that could impede market entry.

  4. Payer and Stakeholder Attitudes: Analyzing the attitudes and expectations of payers and healthcare administrators towards new entrants in the Parkinson’s disease category.

Our Solution:

To meet the client’s objectives, our approach involved several key steps:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Parkinson’s disease market. This assessment included an analysis of projected epidemiology, anticipated strengths and benefits of the new asset, potential threats to market entry, and the attitudes of payers and healthcare administrators.

  2. Channel-Specific Value Propositions: Based on the assessment, we developed channel-specific value propositions that highlighted the real-world assessments of OFF episodes, a common issue in Parkinson’s disease management. These value propositions effectively communicated the unique value of the brand to payers and key stakeholders.

  3. Collaboration and Market Research: We collaborated closely with the client to develop collateral materials that would support the value proposition. This included designing compelling marketing materials and coordinating market research to refine the value proposition based on real-time market feedback.

  4. Patient Support Programs: As part of the value proposition, we outlined select patient support programs that would further enhance the brand’s offering and align with the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Herspiegel Case Study Payer Value Proposition

Value Delivered:

Our efforts yielded several valuable outcomes for our client:

  1. Channel-Specific Documents: We provided the client with channel-specific documents containing a clear and strategic platform to convey the value proposition to their respective customers, such as payers and healthcare administrators.

  2. Training for Customer-Facing Teams: We also conducted training sessions for the client’s customer-facing teams, ensuring that they could effectively communicate the value proposition to key decision-makers and stakeholders.


In a crowded and competitive disease category, developing a compelling value proposition is crucial for market success. By conducting a thorough assessment, creating channel-specific value propositions, collaborating on collateral development, and offering patient support programs, our client was able to overcome the challenges of entering the Parkinson’s disease market. They now possess the tools and strategies to effectively communicate the unique value of their asset to payers and stakeholders, ultimately increasing their chances of market access and success in this challenging environment.

Meet the Authors

Jay Jackson

Partner, Market Access Practice Lead

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