Our Medical Affairs services, powered by Sixsense Strategy Group, specialize in developing impactful strategy and communications for medical affairs teams launching new therapies or moving into new disease states. Our unique value is being able to bring both scientific acumen and strategic horsepower to the table. Although science forms the core of the work that we do, what sets us apart is our strategic capability.

Our integrated team of scientist-strategists collaborate to provide a simple and refreshing approach to developing medical strategy, impactful and focused tactical plans, clear medical materials, and robust external publications.

General Manager, SixSense Strategy Group, Medical Affairs Practice Lead

Zo is a co-founder of sixsense strategy group. He is a thought provoking business leader with a gift for strategy. He likes to keep strategy simple and focused on meeting the needs of key stakeholders – patients, HCPs, payers and regulators.

Zo has worked extensively in the Life Science Industry in Canada, the US and Europe. He has supported both leadership teams and cross-functional teams in development of strategy. He is excited and inspired by the focus that Sixsense has placed on supporting young life sciences companies to prepare for their first launch of novel and innovative first therapies.

Spending time with his family, experiencing new adventures and creating memories are most important to Zo. He loves cars, building things with his hands, fishing and just about any sport (except curling).

Kwamaa Duah

Principal, Medical Communications

Patrick Hillan

Principal, Science and Strategy

Tracy Wetter, PhD

Principal, Scientific Communications

Chris Zealey

Principal, Science and Strategy


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