Marketing and brand management are at the core of all we do. Our Marketing Excellence practice leverages deep market insights to provide practical solutions for enhancing our client’s brands and portfolios. Going beyond mere strategy recommendations, we actively collaborate with our clients, ensuring the seamless execution of plans from concept to performance tracking.

Our Commercial Team includes seasoned leaders who have led some of the industry’s most successful brands. With extensive experience, we guide our clients through the entire product lifecycle—from launching a new product to addressing competitive entries to managing loss of exclusivity. Our commitment is to deliver consistent, efficient, and measurable results.

Meet the Experts

James Convery

Senior Director, Market Access

Laura Gately

Senior Vice President, Commercialization

Vaughn Hunsicker

Director, Market Access

Deb Macaleer

Senior Vice President, Commercialization

Laurel Pearcy

Director, Patient Services

Brian Williams

Senior Vice President, Commercialization


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