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Patient Services Launch Diagnostic

Support programs have the power to drive patients to start, stay and succeed on therapy. Understanding how important these programs are and the best practices that drive patient experience and access, we have developed a Patient Services Launch Diagnostic.

This 4-week, detailed review of the existing launch plan looks for gaps, risks, and recommends key areas of immediate focus for a successful patient services program.


Gather and Interview

Compile existing plans, research, and interview internal teams

Review and Analyze

Leverage experience of 125+ launches to uncover gaps & focus areas for Patient Services

Diagnostic Report

Provide a comprehensive report w/ remediation recommendations

Herspiegel Patient Services Launch Diagnostic

Value Provided 

  • Fast, accurate review from a highly strategic team with depth and breadth of experience in Patient Services
  • Proven ability to de-risk existing plans and support launch acceleration
  • Sample gap identified: Patient Service’s data ecosystem reporting was in risk of compliance due to architecture and operational SOPs

Diagnostic Timeline

GRAPH-AR-Patient Support Diagnostic Timeline -20231128

If you want a second opinion on your patient support program, let's talk!

Brian Torres is dedicated to improving patient experience and access and always ready to talk about innovative solutions.

Meet the Authors

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