Commercial Launch Readiness for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Start-Ups

Commercial Launch Readiness for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Start-Ups


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology start-ups are uniquely challenged when launching a new product. Maneuvering the rapidly evolving regulatory and competitive landscape, building internal infrastructure, developing policies, onboarding staff, managing budgets, creating company awareness, and raising capital —these challenges are significant on their own, but for start-ups, they happen all at once and at lightning speed.

When commercializing an asset, start-ups are faced with the choice of either partnering with an established organization or commercializing the asset in-house.

This paper focuses on organizations that are commercializing an asset in-house. Based on Herspiegel’s experience advising start-up clients, we have identified four critical success factors for start-ups launching their first product. Efficiently managing these critical internal and external factors for commercial launch can make or break a start-up’s new product launch.

With experience delivering more than 70 pharmaceutical product launches, Herspiegel has an impeccable record for drug launches across different therapeutic areas, for clients both local and global. From identifying issues and opportunities that impact pharmaceutical drug launch strategy to aligning communications between cross-functional teams, we are experts in maximizing clients’ product launch success.

Herspiegel is a flexible partner for success at all critical points in the pharmaceutical drug launch process.

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