Market Access

The market access landscape is continually evolving. With increasing payer financial pressures and more intense scrutiny of products’ value, pharmaceutical companies need to be able to react quickly with strategies that pinpoint opportunities and clearly align product value with the changing needs of multiple stakeholders.

Herspiegel brings experience, innovation, and strategic acumen to building winning market access strategies for clients’ new and inline products. Our deep US and global expertise and broad set of tools and solutions—supported by our extensive stakeholder network and industry partnerships—enables us to deliver precise insights into brands’ market access opportunities and the strategies clients need to realize them.

Our industry-leading Market Access Practice team provides clients with the insights and expertise to build and implement access strategies that align price with product value and effectively communicate that value to stakeholders. By helping overcome the barriers that patients encounter in their access journeys, Herspiegel enables our clients to realize brand goals.

Herspiegel’s Recent Market Access Project Examples

Global Evidence Generation Strategies

Recommended clinical and economic endpoints and treatment positioning needed to optimize access in EU5 and US for a novel compound.

Product Value Propositions

Developed channel-specific value propositions for new products that reflect real-world assessments of efficacy and clinical improvement.

Rare Disease Market Access Strategies

Provided a detailed pre-launch road map for a new asset for an ultra-rare pediatric condition that identified the access stakeholders to engage and the information to provide to ensure product utilization at launch.

Distribution Strategy

Recommended a distribution model that minimized client’s costs, while addressing the needs of patients and customers for seamless product experience.

IDN Engagement Strategy

Developed and planned implementation of an IDN engagement strategy based on population health management capabilities.

Outcomes-based Contracting

Designed outcomes-based contracting strategy for a novel pain product and provided implementation playbook for client field team.

Patient Access Solutions

Recommended patient copay support program based on analog assessment and quantitative modeling, equipping client with comprehensive and easy-to-use scenario evaluation model.

Key Account Business Planning

Developed and implemented key account business planning process that improved account engagement as well as internal alignment and communication regarding goals, strategies and plans related to top accounts across market access channels.

Copay Accumulators & Maximizers White Paper

How do copay accumulators work and what can brand leaders do about them? Read our white paper outlining how these programs may actually increase the costs to patients, causing them to abandon scripts, skip doses, or switch medications.