Inflation Reduction Act Impacts: Navigating the New Landscape

Timelines and Key Planning Considerations

Herspiegel has been working with many pharmaceutical partners to help prepare for and understand the various guidance released by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Given the IRA will make many new improvements to the Medicare program overall, bringing innovative, life-saving treatments to patients, many on the pharmaceutical side have been mainly focused on preparing for the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program. Download this paper to understand the current timelines and guidance and planning considerations.  

Herspiegel Whitepaper IRA Impacts for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

IRA Implications: Navigating the New Landscape

Download the paper to get the latest guidance, key timelines, and planning considerations to navigate this new landscape.  


While many manufacturers are focused on the Price Negotiation Program, this legislation will have far-reaching effects on the market beyond those drugs in the negotiation program.

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Herspiegel Principal, Emily Phillips

Emily Phillips

Principal, Market Access

Emily has more than 20 years in reimbursement and market access experience. Helping pharmaceutical and biotech clients with pre- and-post commercialization strategies and tactics to help launch a variety of drugs, biologics, and devices. She is adept at working with leaders across managed markets, reimbursement, trade, marketing, and sales teams to help overcome payer access barriers, including coverage, coding, and payment needs.