Campus Recruiting

We are a highly successful and growing pharmaceutical and biotech consulting firm that offers professional development, training, and competitive compensation within a stimulating and collaborative work environment. At Herspiegel, we are committed to providing exciting career opportunities in an atmosphere that values trust, respect, teamwork, and creativity. We foster a culture that encourages team-focused fun, while also providing opportunities for growth and advancement.

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Professional Development

At Herspiegel, professional development is a continual process and priority. We invest significant time and resources toward your professional development plans. We provide self-guided learning tools, constant coaching, group training sessions, and clear goals to chart progress. We recognize that our commitment to the continued progression of your learning is the key to our future success as a top-class pharmaceutical consulting firm.

New Hire Orientation

We provide a comprehensive new employee orientation that includes one-on-one meetings with team members, reviewing previous projects, and completing Excel and PowerPoint training. We also have an online orientation that is accessible on-demand.

We run offsite team meetings twice a year, held locally and at destinations that enhance team engagement! These multi-day events provide a forum where you can connect with other team members on pharmaceutical and biotech consulting topics, share skills and collaborate in new, cross-functional ways.

Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing professional development is important for your career and for the company. The Herspiegel professional development plan includes:

  1. Ongoing coaching and mentoring, as well as early career exposure to clients, which enables new hires to quickly contribute to team success.
  2. Formal feedback and developmental planning sessions to ensure you and your career stay on track and keep growing.
  3. Online and live training programs that provide knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in your position.

As you progress in your career, you’ll continue to receive formal feedback and developmental planning, just as you in turn will be giving feedback and coaching to teams you manage. Your professional development plan at Herspiegel will ensure that you are given every opportunity for advancement!

Your Career Path

Herspiegel Career Path

We believe that our highest performing staff members should be rewarded as such. At Herspiegel, promotions are based on merit, not time in title, so your career will grow as fast as you do!

Application Process

Herspiegel recruits both experienced pharmaceutical and biotech consulting professionals and students. We are always looking for individuals who can bring their creative and fresh ideas to our clients.

For graduate students, successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree in the sciences and are hired after completing an MBA, MD, or PhD. In addition, candidates usually have experience working in the life sciences industry prior to their graduate experience. For undergraduate students, we seek a strong academic and/or research background in engineering or life sciences. Internships or other work experience is a plus.

The process for an interview may include:

  1. First-round interview on the Phone or Microsoft Teams
  2. Additional interviews at our Yardley office or via Microsoft Teams, which include:
    • Formal case interview
    • Behavioral Interview with Senior Managers
    • Final Interview with a Partner/Principal at Herspiegel

Health and Wellness Benefits

Herspiegel, LLC is proud to offer our employees comprehensive health and wellness benefits package. New hire benefits become effective on the first day of the month coincident with or following the date of hire.

Find Your Spot

At Herspiegel, we are passionate about our clients’ achievements and the role we play in helping bring those to fruition. The work we do is challenging, the growth of our talent is constant, and the results we produce are measurable. Are you ready to pull up a chair and bring your unique talents to the table?