Herspiegel Expands Market Access Support for Clients


Herspiegel expands market access support for clients. We are excited to announce that we are expanding market access services and staff to meet our clients’ demand for strategic and tactical support in navigating the complex and dynamic network of payers, providers, intermediaries and influencers involved in brand access and reimbursement and ultimately patient utilization.

The new Market Access Practice consolidates and expands Herspiegel’s team of access professionals under the direction of industry veteran David Rees. According to Herspiegel’s President, Brent Herspiegel, “We’re excited to bring strategic and tactical solutions to biopharmaceutical clients’ most pressing US market access challenges throughout the product life cycle. Our Market Access Practice combines innovation and insight with commercial and access expertise to deliver results with real business impact for our clients. In addition, our Market Access Practice perfectly complements the commercial and medical affairs support we provide our clients, particularly in the high demand area of new product launches.”

“Market access is no longer simply about securing preferred tier placement on payer formularies,” says David Rees. He adds, “To optimize access now and into the future, clients need strategies for engaging a wide range of stakeholders, from payers to health systems to employers to advocacy organizations. Our Market Access Practice is equipped with the broad commercial and access expertise clients need to create and execute winning strategies.”

Herspiegel’s Market Access Practice specializes in evidence generation strategies for access stakeholders, payer and IDN value propositions, access strategies for rare disease assets, specialty drug distribution, engagement planning for payers and health systems, outcomes based contracting and patient access solutions.

About David Rees

David’s market access expertise is built on 25+ years of experience assisting biopharmaceutical companies in developing brand and channel strategies to optimize access in the competitive biopharmaceutical market. Prior to joining Herspiegel, David co-founded Health Strategies Group and was instrumental in building its industry-leading reputation for strategic insight into the evolving US access landscape. Over his 30+ year career in pharmaceutical marketing, David has led marketing teams in the US and EU and provided strategic access guidance to hundreds of clients in large and small molecule drug categories.

Contact David at: drees@herspiegel.com.

About Herspiegel

Herspiegel has provided integrated pharmaceutical commercialization consulting services, tailored and scaled to meet business needs across a wide variety of therapeutic areas for the last 12 years. Service areas include pharmaceutical new product planning, product launch preparation, marketing excellence, market access strategy, and medical affairs. Industry focus and depth of functional expertise, combined with strong scientific and market knowledge, uniquely positions the company to develop achievable strategies and solutions for clients. Learn more about us at www.herspiegelconsulting.com